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Creating a Positive Way Forward

Claire Denby-Knight

Circle of Justice Founder and Director Claire Denby-Knight is a former Police officer who spent much of her career policing inner city areas in Birmingham. She went on to become a law trainer for the force, training new recruits throughout their eighteen week programme. Later she specialised in policing for sexual offences, dyslexia and transgenderism and studied and practised enhanced interviewing skills. Claire was selected to take part in a pilot scheme to introduce Restorative Justice to the judicial system and became an RJ facilitator. Following a great deal of experience in this field she was chosen to become a Restorative Justice Trainer and co-ordinator instrumental in the recruitment of community members to become RJ facilitators. Claire became so passionate about Restorative Justice that she set up Circle of Justice to bring her skills to a wider audience.

Claire is also the author of Restorative Justice - A Positive Way Forward" which is available as an eBook from Amazon™.


"The best training I have attended" A.C
"Superb training" D.N
"Very well structured training. Ideal mix of theory and practical sessions. Open, positive learning space. Engaging and incredibly knowledgable trainer" B.S
"The course was a real eye opener for me and I am excited about trying these new skills" E
"I enjoyed every part of the training" H.T
"Claire is a very skilled trainer" H
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