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Case Busting to Resolve Conflicts

Our case busting skills have brought resolution to people and organisations in the following sectors:

• Housing
• Councils
• Police
• Pupil Referral Units
• Probation services


Positive Outcomes for Both Sides

One example is where a neighbour dispute has become a stalemate and the complaints are constant and escalating. In such a case, our conferences with both parties utilise appropriate interventions and can create positive outcomes.


Independent Representatives

Your organisation can send us to meet with the parties involved as independent and neutral representatives. This can provide a platform for open discussions and help reduce obstacles for progressing and resolving a case. We have a proven track record of success with our case busting service.


'"It Was Like a Miracle"' | '"It Was a Stroke of Genius for the Council to Bring Owner Claire from Circle of Justice In"' | '"Excellent Job, No Less Than What I Had Expected"'

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