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Training Courses in Restorative Justice and Conflict Management

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Benefit your community by taking restorative justice, conflict management and diversity awareness courses. Circle of Justice, based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands can help you to create positive ways forward. We are skilled trainers with excellent feedback and top marks from our customers. We can also offer bespoke courses tailored for your needs and train in-house or at a suitable venue for your convenience anywhere in the UK. We deal with communities on a regular basis and are backed by a wealth of experience.

  • Restorative Justice Level 1
  • Restorative Justice Level 2
  • The ASB Injunctions Process
  • Conflict - Understanding and Management
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Bespoke Training

Mentor Giving Training

Training Courses

Restorative Justice Level 1

This one day training course can be held at your own premises, or at Circle of Justice classrooms. It looks at the origins of Restorative Justice, the benefits and limitations of using this as a means of solving conflict, and will equip delegates to carry out Level One interventions as a means of informal resolution. Features: Presentation, group discussion, live or historic cases, handouts and Benefits: This can be used to intervene at an early stage of conflict in order to prevent it recurring or escalating, and is ideal to use in situations, such as where staff are attending the homes of the members of the public. It is also useful for roles where there may be confrontation involving themselves, or people around them such as housing professionals, call centres and door to door canvassers.

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Restorative Justice Level 2

This two day training course can be held at your own premises, or at Circle of Justice classrooms. It explores the origins of Restorative Justice and the benefits of using it as a means of solving conflict. The course will guide delegates through the engagement, preparation and conference stages of Level Two facilitation so that they have the skills necessary to risk assess, prepare for, and conduct a formal resolution conference. Features: Presentation, group discussion, successful cases, preparation and conference models, application of the learning, live case appraisal and all relevant handout material. Benefits: This skill can be used to intervene in long standing cases of conflict, or cases that have a complex history. In these instances, detailed and thorough preparation can enable the facilitator to bring resolution to the matter, thereby saving organisations time and money. Examples of success are; long standing ASB cases, neighbour disputes, many areas of crime, and youth offending.

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The ASB Injunctions Process

The ASB Injunction process. This one day training course can be held at your own premises, or at Circle of Justice classrooms. It looks at the differences between the old and new (Oct 2014) legislation, what types of injunctions are available, how to gather best evidence, the court system, procedures for obtaining injunctions, and options for dealing with breaches. Features: Presentation, comparisons, prohibitions and positive requirements, the law, gathering evidence, courts and procedures, case success stories, live case appraisals and handouts.Benefits: This knowledge will enable delegates to secure and preserve the most effective evidence for matters of ASB, and effectively present their cases to court.

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The Offender Integration System

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Conflict - Understanding and Management

This one day training course can be held at your own premises, or at Circle of Justice classrooms. It explores the origins of anger and conflict, a variety of models of communication and intervention, and how to take steps to resolve conflict in various settings. Features: Presentation, definitions, a variety of conflict models, guidance on how to come to resolution, and handouts.Benefits: This knowledge will enable delegates to be able to identify anger in others, and apply an appropriate model of intervention in order that the conflict can be defused, explored, and managed.

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Diversity Awareness

This one day training course can be held at your own premises, or at Circle of Justice classrooms. It can be tailored to meet your own, or organisational needs, and focus on specific areas of diversity as appropriate. We can explore the legislation, the impact of negativity, any duty of care that applies, offences being committed, possible resolution interventions, and helpful organisations. Features: Presentation, definitions, the law, case studiesBenefits: Following this training, delegates will have knowledge of a wide range of the issues that communities can encounter. This will equip them to treat everyone more fairly, and in accordance with legislation.

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Bespoke Training

Circle of Justice is able to provide a wide variety of bespoke training either at your own premises, or at their classrooms. We have experience of delivering in areas such as; domestic abuse, bullying, many aspects of law, injunctions, empowerment, communication, questioning skills and problem solving interventions. However, with such a wealth of knowledge and experience, we are always keen to meet the needs of new clients, and help to strengthen workforces and communities. Features: Client consultation, establishing bespoke learning outcomesBenefits: Independent training tailor made to meet your specific needs.

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3 people training

Conflict Solutions

We have trained and worked with councils, housing associations and in the education sector  to help resolve repetitive and escalating problems of ASB and conflict. This has proven to save organisations time and money and bring about great harmony within communities and organisations.

Effective training

Our training courses are particularly effective in dealing with the following types of cases: Drugs and Drug Dealing / Youths and Gangs / Physical Violence / Noise and Nuisance /  Stolen Vehicles / Garden and Land Issues / Litter and Fly Tipping / Loitering / Criminal Damage and Vandalism / Harassment and Bullying / School Issues / Hate Crime.

Contact us in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, for restorative justice and diversity awareness courses as part of your training requirements.