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Claire at Greenfield

Claire at Greenfield Community Housing

The sumptuous surroundings of Greenfield Community Housing’s conference room in Essex made for a great backdrop to a day working together on a Level One Restorative Justice programme.  As we delivered this course – provided through the Chartered Institute of Housing – it quickly became apparent how relevant this level of intervention is for ‘front line’ staff who are looking to solve disputes and disharmony before it escalates. Prior to the course, manager Lee Crowdell had called to ask if it was what would suit his staff, as he’d heard that RJ wouldn’t work for lower level disputes.  After the course he said that the training had had a “…great and positive impact on the team…”  Excellent news indeed, now let us know how you get on!

Claire at Oxford

Claire at Oxford City Council

What a tremendous group the ASBIT and CRT teams of Oxford City Council are.  We spent two days training to give them the skills to facilitate Level Two Restorative Interventions, and were blown away by their keenness and commitment to truly solving ASB issues in their region. Some ‘live’ cases were discussed and analysed through role play, and myths and misunderstandings were dissolved. Driven by the inimitable Daryl Edmunds – who seems to seek pioneering solutions to problems – I am sure the community will soon see the benefits that RJ can bring to a wide variety of issues.  We look forward to sharing their successes here soon!